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Dalan Hargrave is one of the most recognized gem artist and jeweler in the United States.  Dalan has mentored Brad and Diane for many years now.  He has cut or carved a number of gems for the Collection.

The gem below is an example of his trademarked GemStarz cut.  Dalan carves the star into the back of the gem instead of creating it with flat facets.  He is unique in his technique of putting stars on gems.  In addition, the extremely bright ring around the outside edge of the gem is concave facets.

The next gem is the GemStarz cut on the pavilion, with the gem then being carved into the shape of Texas.  The gem is 52.5ct.  Can you imagine a gem more Texas than this?


The  boot was carved from a large, included Mason topaz specimen.  It weighs 175ct.  The Texas carved into the roughly egg shaped included Texas topaz was carved from the same piece of rough as the boot.  It weighs 346ct.

The photo of the natural blue Mason topaz does not do justice to the color of the 32.58ct horse head carving, but sometimes cameras do that.  Dalan created this as a teaching piece, something for me to use as a guide.  This is an example of the mentor teaching the grasshopper.  It is a cherished bit of art carving.