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Welcome to the Texas Cutters Collection.  I've been a fine jeweler and gemologist for a long time, and most of that time had no idea there were gem faceters all around me.  In their heyday, before computers, there were active groups of hobbyist gem faceters all over the country, including here in Texas.  These folks helped develop all of the star cuts that I cut today.  However, with other, newer technology out there to stimulate the nimble brain, fewer Texans are going into gem faceting.  And the guys that created this subculture are dying off.  While American gem cutting is considered some of the best in the world, professional gem cutters are relatively rare.  Texas is blessed with some of the best gem cutters in this country.

The Texas Cutters Collection is a way to recognize, document and demonstrate the skills of a group of talented and persistent people.  The collection consists of Texas topaz cut or carved by gem faceters from Texas.  Some are famous in the world of gem faceting, some not so much.  Many are or have been members of the Texas Faceters' Guild, a 40 year old organization dedicated to keeping gem faceting alive in Texas.  Texas gem cutters seem to have a love affair going with our state gem.   It is traditional for Texas topaz to be faceted in star cuts, and gem cutters will adapt the faceting pattern of others, or develop their own unique star cut over the years.  Sometimes I've been lucky enough to acquire examples of their stars.

Enjoy, y'all