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I’m Going Texan

I moved from Texas in 1995, in search of an adventure.  It was my decision to move to the Pacific NW, but I still cried all the way across the Great American Desert.  Didn’t stop crying until Idaho.  As you all know, Texas was a very strong place, and created a hold on the people from there.


You may have noted I referred to the Texas state of mind in the past tense.  In 2004, I unexpectedly returned to my home state, and was saddened by the changes.  My home felt very different.  We were taught that Texas is a derivation of “friend” in the native language, but Texas had stopped feeling like Texas.  I’m here to tell you that Texas has changed.  Folks just don’t seem as friendly.  More like nervous and frowning.  There seems to be more of an intolerance of the differences in each other.  Folks are scrapping like cats stuck in a box together. 


I don’t think I can take it anymore.  We’re all in this pickle together, witnessing our country in decline, making it through with less wealth, and we need to pull together to make our world better.  I want to get back to feeling like Texas is again my friendly home.  I want to celebrate how we are alike as Texans, not attack each other for our differences.  We need to get back to the old, friendly ways of Texas, and I invite you to join me.  I'm gonna get my Texas mojo back, and maybe yours, too.  It’s time.  I’m Going Texan on y’all.


I facet, or cut, the Texas state gem, and gem faceting is a lonely pursuit.  It is time to share the creation of a Texas icon, in an effort to start some conversations about how we’re treating each other.  My faceting machine and I are hitting the road.  I’m gonna cut the state gem, Texas topaz, all over the state.  I’m gonna cut topaz at historic and cultural places.  Yes, I am Going Texan.


A fairly long list has been started of extremely Texan places to visit, but I would love suggestions of more places.  The list is organized by region or city.  It includes sites like the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue in Austin, the seawall in Galveston and Corpus, Prada Marfa, the Ft. Worth stockyards, the San Jacinto monument, Luckenbach, and on and on.  If you are interested, I can let you know when I plan to visit different sites, and we can enjoy some time together.  Bring your faceting machine, or just watch me cut a star into the Texas state gem.  Bring your sense of humor and acceptance.  Let’s laugh and enjoy each other’s company.




My Facetron faceting machine at Enchanted Rock.  Below we are at Luckenbach.