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American gems


We have added jewelry made with American gems to our offerings.  America produces some wonderful gems, which can be difficult to find.  We manufacture most of the jewelry, but sometimes find a kindred jeweler with a love for gems from our home.  While I love all beautiful gems, it feels special when they are American.


There is a small truth out there in the gem and jewelry world.  We are running out of gems.  The desire is greater than the capacity of the earth to fulfill it.  In order to fill the orders, gem traders are getting more and more creative.  The effort was to make marginal gem material attractive enough for sale.  And gem treaters have gotten amazingly creative in this effort.


That is not the problem.  We need gem treatments to help meet the need of jewelry consumers.  However, some of these treated gems need advanced testing to identify the treatment- it’s that good.  Therefore, it is necessary for the treatment information to pass through as the gem makes it to the final customer.  It’s only ethical for public disclosure of treatments- gem guilds require this as a requirement for membership.


This is the problem.  Some gem treaters do not disclose the treatment.  It has been up to the gemologists of our world to find and identify some treatments.  The most common source of non-disclosed treatments is Thailand and China.  Gems found in Africa or Asia often go straight to the gem treaters of Asia, so it is difficult to know if the gems are treated or not.  It is known throughout the gem world that this is going on.  It is driving jewelers nuts.


Right now a jewelry store owner has to be a Graduate Gemologist just to prevent being taken.  Some gem treatments are so advanced, it takes very expensive lab equipment to identify it.  Full disclosure is the only way this works.


OK.  Off the soapbox.  American gems take this problem away.  The jeweler can easily track the gem rough from mine to showcase.   If it goes overseas for cutting, it is possible to keep the gems separate from other gem rough through the entire cutting process, and it stays away from gem treaters, unless specifically sent for something like heating, which is fairly common for Montana sapphire.


In other words, we’ve got your back.  We guard our gems, and will let you know if they have been treated.  It’s our job.


B. Diane Eames, GG  Graduate Gemologist (GIA)