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Women (and girls) often come into our store and have an automatic attraction to the sparkly jewelry in the showcases, sometimes to the point that they instinctively reach toward it.  Their hands are guided by their Inner Raccoon.


Raccoons are attracted to shiny objects.  When my friend trapped raccoons years ago, she would use aluminum foil instead of food, as the shiny foil was a stronger attractant to the masked critters.  When I was a kid, Rocky the Raccoon, a resident of our house for a few years, would get on my dresser and examine and empty every shiny bottle and jar.

It has become apparent over my years in the jewelry business that many of us have an Inner Raccoon.  The raccoon inside us is why we are drawn to jewelry.  It chirrs quietly when we are wearing or touching jewelry.  Do not be afraid- all we can do is recognize our inner critter and keep it happy.  Wear the jewelry.  It’s good for both of you.


Oh, and if you are in the Pacific Northwest, your critter is usually an Inner Raven.