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Worn Meets, scratches, we can spruce up a dull gem by cutting and repolishing the table, crown, or  pavilion!  


We need to see whats going on so; the first step is sending us your gem for a free evaluation, if you  pay for the shipping both ways, otherwise we charge a flat $25 return fee. Diane is a Graduate Gemologist, so we will identify the stone sent.


We are members of Jewelers Board of Trade and are insured.  Please call Diane or Brad at 830-367-3368, prior to shipping so we will watch for your job. Please ship your gem secured in your packaging insured for the value that you want, also please enclose your and any information for us to help us evaluate your job!


Ship to via:


USPS -         BDE, POB 363, Ingram Texas 78025

UPS - FedEx BDE, 200 Highway 39, Ingram Texas 78025








This Bracelet is made except for the head completely of Argentium Silver 25 grams total weight including the stone 8mm Mason County Blue Topaz with the star cut in the stone.


This metal has some very unique properties see cross section below for the Fusibility of this metal.



Look ma no solder!