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Pablo and Pendejo - The other store mascots

Mason, Texas, our former hometown and home of the Texas state gemstone, celebrates our Asinine heritage every July with our Heritage Roundup weekend. As part of the celebration, The Great American Jackass Race follows the parade. It takes place on the historic Mason Square. The first donkey to circle the courthouse wins.  It can be driven, ridden, or led.


 Pablo is a small burro, and is too small to pull a cart, but has been led in the races, and is an enthusiastic athlete. Pendejo, our therapy donkey, has stolen Pablo's heart. The two are inseparable. Pedro has been brought in as a sleeper donkey. He is a Texas Highlands donkey, used to racing in the rarified atmosphere of the Great Texas Plains, so he should do well at the higher oxygen levels in the Mason County area. 


The down side of burro mascots is that y'all don't get to visit with them very often.  Maybe we need a hitching rail at the store.   Pablo in his new pack saddle, Pablo & Pendejo.


Pablo and Adam.