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The results are in for the 2010 Great American Jackass Race, held July 10.  James Lee of Uvalde took the blue, while J.P. Murray,Sr. of Brady took second.  Scott Zesch of Art received the prize for the Best Dressed Jackass and good sport.


One of our asses did manage to place.  You may remember The Dude, the regular size black donkey that has raced for us for several years.  He returned to Ranch herd guard duty due to his spectacular lack of interest in running.  He was replaced by Pedro, a High Plains mini donkey.  Pedro ran the race with Miriam Stem, of Colorado, while Pablo ran with our nephew, Adam McKeown of Liverpool, TX.  They were in the front of the pack until the last turn, when both jackasses broke away and headed for the barn.  The runners fell down, but were unhurt.  Both donkeys were roped by our intrepid outriders.  Brad helped free Pedro, who did not return to the race.  As I was helping get the rope off Pablo, Miriam ran up and told us third place was still possible, so we took the ropes the rest of the way off, turned him around, and put him back in the race.  It took me following popping his butt, but he was the third to cross the finish line.