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The following was excerpted from the Mason County Newspaper:


Mention Mason County to someone from elsewhere in the state, and they're likely to respond with one of two words: deer or topaz. These are two of the commodities for which we are best known, and we have little trouble bragging about either.

The biggest difference about the two is that, within 30 minutes, I can probably show you several deer in their native habitat. Finding even one topaz in the field, however, is a bit more difficult. If it were not rare, it would not be considered a gemstone, so I suppose it comes with the territory.  For years, people have trekked across ranches, down creek beds and through pastures looking for signs of topaz; and, for many, it has been a successful hunt. Over at the Mason Square Museum, there is a Smithsonian-quality stone on display. At Country Collectibles, a faceted giant awaits visitors. And, at Underwoods, Gems of the Hill Country and other retailers, both rough and cut stones await examination by potential purchasers.


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