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Texas Topaz - Mason County

Texas Topaz - Mason County

This Mason County topaz; yep, it's the real deal.  The Texas state gem that's actually found in Texas dirt.  If you read the legislation, enacted in 1969, it never states that the topaz has to be native topaz to be the state gem.  Just some of us like it that way.  The vast majority of the native Texas topaz is clear.  It can also occur in a pale blue, the result of exposure to radiation as it was forming millions of years ago.  Just remember, natural blue is pale blue, and it's rare.


We focus on great cutting of our gems.  Precise angles and a very high polish make exceptionally beautiful and bright gems.  Most of these topaz are cut in various star cuts.  You know us Texans; we'll put a star on anything.  It all started with the Lone Star cut, designated the official state cut in 1979.  The downside of this traditional cut is that it's deep.  In addition, I'm a fine jeweler, and used to playing in a deep pond, so other cool cuts and shapes are available.  Our version of the round brilliant cut, a star cut of course, is of standard depth and will fit most mountings.  The square star may be my favorite cut, and you gals seem to agree with me.  


We spent the last 5 years buying up and hoarding all the Mason County topaz rough we could get, just to keep y'all happy.  Custom cutting is available if you don't find the perfect gem here.  The inventory is constantly turning, so just becuase it's here, doesn't mean it's still in stock.  Feel free to call.  We text and Email photos of jewelry all the time.  

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11.00cttw of Mason County Topaz includes 20 round Star Cut in a 14kt gold link bracelet.
This is celebrating Texas to the heavens.  11.00cttw weight Mason County, Texas topaz, all i..
18.70cttw of Mason County Topaz  42-4mm square Star Cut  in a 14kt gold line bracelet.
This is celebrating Texas to the heavens.  18.70ct total weight Mason County, Texas topaz, a..